St Jude's Church of England Primary School

World Afro Day 

We celebrate diversity at St Jude's and look to break the barriers our children may face. World Afro Day is a perfect example of both of these, so we decided to celebrate as a whole school. In Early Years, the children immerse themselves in literature that present characters they can identify with. KS1 and KS2 celebrate the diversity amongst their community and attend a whole school assembly to celebrate amazing Afro hair! 

 Teaching & Learning

By embedding Black history as part of our curriculum, we aim to "improve a sense of identity in every young person in the UK through an education that adequately represents the full picture of British history, including Black people’s contributions to the nation." The Black Curriculum "By embedding Black British History and increasing the overall racial literacy of a school and its environment, Black British history will not be delivered in a tokenistic or meaningless way. Embedded learning allows students to see representation in all aspects of their education, allowing for a greater sense of identity and belonging for young people as well as enhancing the overall practice of staff on a day to day basis."

Our half-termly heroes are designed to allow the children to experience a range of icons who have contributed positively to Britain and across the world. Teachers ensure they embed books with empowering, diverse characters into the English curriculum. We seek to broaden the narrative of traditional Black history, taught in schools and endeavour to search for relevant British Black historians, geographers, artists and scientists to complement our teaching. Our aim is that our children will leave primary school with a rich understanding of Black history. We are continually developing our curriculum to better meet the needs of our children - we truly would appreciate any guidance from parents or members of the community