St Jude's Church of England Primary School

What Makes a Good Christian School?

All children are created in the image of God and born with the potential to change the world. All too often however, children fail to overcome the multitude of barriers facing them in this fast-paced society. Our vision is for St Jude's to be a truly learning-centered school with a Christ-like ethos which strives to nurture the creative talents of all its learners. We are determined to break down the barriers that hold children back from realising their God-given purpose. We make a deliberate attempt to link the gospel of Christ to the daily life of the school.

This leads to;
- an atmosphere of encouragement, self belief, acceptance and respect;
- an ability for children to raise their belief and confidence in themselves;
- a strong partnership between adults and children;
- a sensitivity towards the beliefs of the community;
- a strong link to the churches in the community;
- a reflective and all encompassing religious education provision
- children who are able to express their vulnerabilities as they know they will be supported.

Can My Children Come to St Jude's if We Are Not Church-goers?

Yes, of course they can! We welcome children from all faiths and none. A Church of England school is, like community schools, funded through the Local Authority, but the building is owned by the SDBE. A majority of the governing body posts are 'Foundation' governors, with a specific role to support the Christian foundation and ethos of the school. Church schools undergo SIAMS (church-run) inspections, as well as government OFSTED inspections. Church schools set their own admission criteria.

In the every day running of the school, there is little difference between a Church school and a community school. However, the ethos of a school can be strongly influenced by it's Christian foundation. While recognising that the pupils and staff are of all faiths and none, the school as a whole holds an act of 'collective' worship every day. The love and kindness for each other, which is at the heart of the Christian faith, is exemplified in the attitudes and relationships found and encouraged at the school.