St Jude's Church of England Primary School

School Council

Welcome to St Jude's' School Council!

We have been chosen by our peers to represent them in the decision making process of the school. We are going to work hard to make sure that our voices are heard, that the ideas of all pupils are considered and that we are involved in the future of St Jude's. We will work with Mrs Longman and those individuals she has appointed to govern in her absence to see if we can implement some of your ideas.  Please come and talk to us and about the sort of changes you would like to see happening. 

The following is a statement from Mr Jones, clerk to the aforesaid council.

"I, M.G. Jones, the Returning Officer of St Jude's School, hereby declare that a fair and free election was undertaken by means of a secret ballot and that the following candidates were duly elected to represent their peers. I, on behalf of the St Jude's Community, extend our congratulations."


Maple: Ren and Khadeeja

Birch Representatives: Leon and Laura

Sycamore Representatives: David and Joel