St Jude's Church of England Primary School

Elm Class (Nursery and Reception)

In Elm Class, our students learn to read, write and engage in maths activities that encourage problem-solving and number recognition. We have investigative themes that we study each half term, and each theme is connected with the main story that we read and re-tell in class. We love to take trips and walks, and we also take part in a year-long project/service opportunity that helps us to think about things that we can do for other people/the environment.

Our days are sprinkled with carpet sessions that last about 15 minutes, and the rest of the day the students choose learning with different materials and activities inside and outside the classroom. The students love to make art, build, and engage in imaginary play with dress-ups and toys!


Early Year Long Term Plan.                            Early Years Timetable 2022-2023