St Jude's Church of England Primary School

Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design and the Learning Community
What has become increasingly clear... is that education is not just about conventional school matters like curriculum or standards or testing. What we resolve to do in school only makes sense when considered in the broader context of what the society intends to accomplish through its educational investment in the young. How one conceives of education, we have finally come to recognise, is a function of how one conceives of culture and its aims, professed and otherwise.
Jerome Bruner(1996), Vision for Education


Curriculum design' is understood by many as a high-level process, which defines the learning that is to take place within a specific programme of study, leading to specific units of credit or qualification. However, we believe that the curriculum is capable of much more than this, that it offers many more opportunities for creative expansion of the mind than simply a route to examination and qualification.